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Casino business in Australia

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First settlers brought gambling to Australia, among which the most popular were card games and dice. Today, in accordance with local legislation, casino gambling is legal in Australia and gives a huge boost to the development of the tourism industry. Also, bets on sports games are allowed in Australia, thanks to which there are a huge number of bookmakers and related sites that allow people to play games of chance.

Gambling in Australia is the equivalent of weapons in America.

This is a quote from Tim Costello, a representative of the alliance that advocates for the reform of the gaming industry in Australia.

Australia has more slot machines (per resident) than in any other country. 20% of the world’s poker machines are also in Australia. In addition to slot machines, there are also traditional casinos, numerous betting, and lotteries.

In one of these lotteries last week, one of the Australians won $ 50 million. That, undoubtedly, will whip up new members and increase the profits of the gaming industry.

According to Charles Levingston, who studies the impact of gambling on the population at the Monash University of Melbourne, more than 200,000 Australians are seriously ill with gambling addiction and even more, have a moderate and mild degree of dependence on gambling. And these are numbers without taking into account the dependence on computer games.

According to expert estimates, Australians spend $ 1,300 per capita per year on gambling. This is the first indicator of the world. Singapore is in second place.

Year after year, the problem is only getting worse but continues to be ignored by society and the government. Australians prefer not to notice the seriousness of the threat.


Poker is also popular. This card game can be played in almost all the casinos of this continent. Dunedin and Christchurch casinos in New Zealand, as well as Le Meridien Port Vila casinos in Vanuatu, are the favorite places for poker players. In Australia, you can play poker in the fashionable casino Crown. This casino hotel regularly hosts prestigious poker tournaments with substantial cash prizes.